Opportunities to build playgrounds for children with life threatening diseases.

Nov 25, 2021 | All News, New Hire

DCI associates, Randy Berger, Erin Bolduc, Chris Shaip and Morgan Hall, recently had the great opportunity to build hope for Ellie and her family while coming alongside Roc Solid Foundation, Rodgers Builders, Inc. and UNC Health for this playground construction. This amazing work led by Roc Solid Foundation focuses on children diagnosed with life threatening diseases that no child or family should have to face. From the time a family first receives news of the impending battle, the mission of Roc Solid Foundation is to provide hope and community whether that’s through meeting simple, unexpected needs all the way up to furnishing a safe, new playground where the child can experience being a kid far from the beeping equipment, tubes and atmosphere of a hospital. That special child today is Ellie and Rodgers Builders truly brought together a group of individuals to both encourage the family and show what truly being a community looks like.

A special thanks to Rodgers Builders for the invitation, for Roc Solid Foundation for all you do for those in need, for UNC Health in creating the opportunity that built this partnership and for the UNC Health Eastowne Construction team for going beyond the jobsite to truly impact the community.