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Midway 840 Buildings
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Expanding Presence in Key Corridor
These two speculative developments, totaling over 1.3M square feet of Class A industrial/warehouse space, strategically positioned themselves along the I-840 Eastern beltway to meet Nashville’s soaring demand. Constructed in phases and completed on time and under budget, each project achieved 100% occupancy before or shortly after completion, showcasing DCI’s expertise in delivering desirable industrial properties
Maximizing Site Potential
At Midway, DCI’s innovative approach transformed site challenges into opportunities. The discovery of two sinkholes prompted a solution to distribute stormwater underground, reducing surface drainage needs. DCI spearheaded the approval process, securing a Class V Injection Well Permit and enabling better site utilization, including the potential for 87 future trailer parking stalls.
Creativity Unlocks Value
DCI’s commitment to pushing maximum value drives creativity in design and zoning processes. At Midway II, despite residential zoning restrictions on part of the site, DCI strategically positioned stormwater ponds in the residential area while servicing the commercial zones. This approach facilitated a site orientation change, adding value. Furthermore, DCI successfully challenged excessive parking requirements, reducing the mandated spaces from 1,246 to 500. Consequently, 50,000 square feet of building space was gained, 746 parking spaces were eliminated, and an additional 200,000 square feet became available for future development.
Value Add
Overcoming rural development challenges required a collaborative approach. DCI adeptly navigated obstacles with adjacent property owners, municipalities, utilities, and TNDOT. Hands-on, creative methods maximized site utilization and overall square footage, aiding in significant cost savings and future trailer parking opportunities, ensuring versatility for future tenants.
Remarkable Outcomes
  • Delivered 1,304,090 SF of Class A Warehouse/Industrial Space
  • Met delivery and budget goals, enabling 100% occupancy
  • Allowed client to successfully lease the development and exit the project