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Surgical Tower

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Managing Complex Hospital Expansion to Drive Optimal Delivery
With detailed operational insight, DCI guided timely decision-making and maximized efficiencies for this technically intricate 380,000 SF hospital tower addition connected to an active medical campus.
Revamped Planning Optimizes Space
DCI quickly integrated into the improvement project to facilitate significant scope changes, yielding 26 state-of-the-art operating rooms, 59 P+P Bays, 80 ICU beds, and 15 Observation beds. The revisions optimized the available square footage for the space-constrained site.
Budget and Schedule Clarity Anchor Expansion
By establishing a comprehensive budget and reliable timeline aligned to specific project milestones, DCI enabled confident leadership approvals to progress this extensive capital project and strategically plan ancillary investments.
Enhanced Communication Informs, Aligns
Through frequent updates to Leadership & Steering Committees, DCI maintained executive awareness to obtain quick guidance and/or approvals. This collaborative communication approach fostered alignment across all project stakeholders.
  • Resized to 380,000 SF to maximize campus space
  • Clear timeline and solid understanding of budget goals/constraints
  • Executive Leadership kept current on progress