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Insightful Guidance Delivers Flexible Multi-Use Hub
Selected for their intimate owner-side project experience, DCI advised this higher education client through an intricate 24,500 SF co-working space retrofit to expand campus attributes to another area of the local community. Accounting for the needs of both University and local community members posed numerous challenges.
Strategic Planning Mitigates Market Volatility
The gutted, yet dated existing structure posed budget challenges throughout the design. Inflexible height constraints necessitated an expensive mechanical system. Combined with supply chain volatility, DCI conducted Value Engineering – reevaluating lighting systems, finishes, and glass office fronts.
Multi-Faceted Environment Promotes Innovation
DCI helped actualize flexible open work areas, lounges and meeting rooms purpose-built for events, faculty use, and informal student gathering to facilitate connection, with a focus on flexibility for the spaces and future proofing the space for the ever evolving needs of the users.
  • Unique retrofit transforms a dated building
  • Multi-use hub energizes campus and community engagement
  • Volatility-proofed planning controls costs